"If you need corpses, that's what Kevin does. He makes hideous remnants of the deceased. I have to put mine in the closet from time to time to keep the nightmares away."
-Gris Grimly

"Before The Ed Gein Collection, I was consumed by GIRLS. Thanks, Kevin, for adding some rotting CORPSES to my life."
- Robert Steven Rhine, Publisher / Deaditor-in-Chief

The Ed Gein Collection is now on MySpace. What better way to say "I Love you" than with a realistically rotted corpse body eh? Seriously, though, the dude's work is amazing and I'm proud to say I use the Skull Bowl for my popcorn when watching movies."
- Rev. Mitcz, Aural Salvation.

"When one thinks of corpses, well at least the prop ones, perhaps one of the greatest creators of the dead is Kevin Klemm of The Ed Gein Collection."
- Ghost Droppings.com